Birding Black Point

Be sure to visit the Safety page as the rocky coast can be dangerous. Watch out for slippery rocks when trying to view or photograph sea ducks as shown below. If you come looking for pelagic birds after a tropical storm, you might encounter unusually large rouge waves. If you continue on to Pt. Judith looking for pelagics, the Rose Nulman parking lot has been closed because of erosion on the ocean front. Stay well back as the bank has been undercut and may collapse, especially after a storm.

Black Point is listed as a birding hot spot in the birding database maintained by Cornell University.  The following link lists the birds that have been seen here as well as some photographs:

Harlequin Ducks
Male King Eider

Harlequin ducks and a male adult king eider visited the waters off Black Point this last winter (2021-2022).