Welcome to Black Point

We do not have a trail map yet, but trails here should be fairly easy to navigate. Before you start be sure to read the Safety and Ticks sections of this website. 

Trail Guide A This is a guide to the Malcolm Grant trail which goes straight to an overlook over the ocean, then turns left and follows the coast. Along the way you can see the Narragansett Pier/Westerly Granite bedrock and the large split Glacial erratic described in the Geology section.  Further on, the rock formation extending out is called Quahog Rock, also of the NP/WG bedrock.  This trail continues to the ruins of the Windswept estate carriage house then follows the Windswept Trail back to the south parking area where it will be necessary to walk along Ocean Rd. to get back to the starting point at the Main Parking area.  

Trail Guide B. This is the reverse of Trail Guide A, starting and ending at the south parking lot.