The incentive to form the Friends of Black Point was to get the south parking lot reopened to the public. The south parking area was closed when the governor closed all the beaches and state parks due to the pandemic.  DEM decided to keep the parking area closed after the pandemic because of issues with litter and people using the parking area to drive onto other parts of the Black Point Fishing Area. As part of the agreement to reopen the parking area, we agreed to pick up litter regularly and arrange so that cars were restricted to the parking area. Shortly after we signed the MOU, DEM reopened the parking lot.

Cleaning up the parking lot

The Friends of Black Point have applied, under the RIDOT Clean Rhodes Program, to adopt that section of Ocean Rd. from the north entrance to the north parking area to the beginning of Scarborough Beach. The south parking area is entirely within the DOT right-of-way. Several of us have walked the trails and Ocean Rd at various times and picked up litter so at this point it is pretty clean. This has continued through this summer and there is a little bit more litter with the beach open but it is certainly manageable.

Restricting cars to parking lot

DEM placed the boulders that were used to close the parking lot around the east side and south side of the parking lot to restrict cars to the parking lot.

Quahog Rock Trail Improvements

DEM has specifically asked us to improve the trail from the parking lot east to the water. Improvement of the trail would be fairly easy. It is flat and would be fairly easy to mow. In June, DEM mowed the trail and cleared bushes that had over-grown and narrowed the trail. At the beginning is a small ditch with a couple of large rocks.  It would be nice to remove the rocks and put in a small bridge, basically one-plank long boardwalk. At the beginning of the trail is a wet marshy area.  We discussed putting in a boardwalk across this area, but when DEM mowed the trail they also cleared out brush that had encroached on the trail. This exposed higher ground and that can be used to walk on during wet times.

Information Kiosk

Another idea being discussed is to put in a kiosk at the south parking lot similar to the one at the north parking lot. This would have the same information as our web site, so would the kiosk be necessary? Maybe something smaller with a map and a QR code linking to our website?